Month: October 2017

Fishing with Lamar and Mike

Lamar’s boat (Redfish Hunters Guide) launched from Charlie’s Bait Camp, 4194 Lane Rd, Seadrift, TX 77983, at about 0730.

Layers was definitely the way to dress.  It was 45° as we launched, but got up to the 70’s as the day progressed.  Those windbreakers were needed for the first few hours, but not later.

A quick run across the intercoastal, and into Pringles. The entrance to this lake is extremely shallow.  We started on the north shore hitting the pockets and seeing a few fish.  Lamar had a feeling that the south lakes would produce better, so we motored over.

The water clarity in the main lake was better than it was in the canals and cuts coming from the marshes.  The water is shallow in Pringles Lake.  We were dragging bottom in a few spots, even in Lamar’s shallow running boat.

Water temperature was down from the last weeks, and there was no wind.  This made the casting easy, but the fish spooky as there was no surface ripple to hide us from them.

We started the day out with clousers and a “skinny redfish crack”.  Once we started getting bites on the SRC, we switched all rods to that fly.

Fishing was blind casting until we spotted fish, then it was pure sight casting.  One pod of 20+ fish seemed to ignore us, even when one of the group was hooked up.  That led to the double of the day.

10 redfish boated, with one double hookup.

2 Speckled trout came to hand, with one being larger than expected.

We had a few hits from flounder, but were unable to get them to commit.  We know it was a flounder because we actually poled the boat over to where the hit occurred, just to spook the flounder out of hiding, in 2 cases.

We took a few pictures, and even some short videos:



This is the fly that worked for us:


Fly line winder and holder

I don’t remember who showed me this trick, but I use it for cleaning my fly lines and backing.

This gadget will strip the line off quickly, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

I take an electric cord holder and stuff the holes with a pool noodle.  After the pool noodle is in place I cut to length.