Thanksgiving 2017

Arrived in Houston Friday night.  Nilo picked me up from the airport and a quick trip home to our excited puppy.

Saturday Nilo had to work, so I stuck around the house and took care of things that were neglected in my absence.

Sunday, Q came by and we went out to D7Ls.  Fishing was slow, but the weather was perfect.  We caught a few fish, but the size and numbers were low.

Monday I picked up my truck from the repair place.  As I was driving to the bank, the tire pressure alarm went off.  I stopped at another Toyota dealer only to be told to take it back to where I just picked it up from.

Tuesday was a depressing meeting with the OG&C Chief at the Houston office and then a trip to Lilly’s doctor.

Wednesday early, a 4 hour trip to the Sabine River, for kayak fishing.  Details of S&MK’s break down…

Thursday, my truck had to go back to the shop for new tires, headlight service, and replace the tire pressure sensors.

Friday, we drove to Georgia. 16 hours for 800 miles.  We lost about 2 hours due to congestion.

Saturday, Sam Club run with Dad.  Too much food, and a little bit of fun.

Sunday, Tybee Island.  More later

Monday, Tybee Island, more later

Tuesday, food prep

Wednesday, food prep

Thursday, Thanksgiving

Friday, Cris left.  Shooting balloons.

Saturday, 22  hours on the road, to arrive home at 0500 Sunday.  James left, and beat us home.

Sunday, pack for the trip to Colorado

Monday, 1,000 miles in 15 hours.


Don C. Puckett

SFC, US Army